Message from the President

Kiyoharu Tsunetoshi

Against the backdrop of outstanding technological innovations, such as enhanced performance and functionality, the need for advanced, extensive electronic equipment is continuing to evolve. Since our founding in 1949, Matsuo Electric has excelled as a technology-based company. We were the first in Japan to manufacture and sell film capacitors in 1957, and tantalum capacitors in 1959. Since then, under our motto of “Quality First”, we have responded to the needs of generations through our reliable technology. In 1994, we started manufacturing and sales of chip-type circuit protection components that were the smallest in the world at the time. We currently manufacture and sell tantalum capacitors as our core product, as well as others including circuit protection components and film capacitors.
The details of the international standards for quality management systems in the automotive industry, as well as the international standards for environmental management systems that we have acquired are listed below.
Utilizing our global marketing network and organizational system, we will continue to contribute to society through our product manufacturing which rapidly responds to users’ needs.

■International standards for quality management systems in the automotive industry acquired

IATF 16949
Obtained ” IATF 16949:2016 ” for tantalum solid electrolytic chip capacitors and circuit protection components.
Certification through DQS Japan.
Matsuo Electric Co., Ltd. Fukuchiyama Plant:
Registration No. 20001850 IATF16

■International standards for environmental management systems acquired

ISO 14001
Obtained ” ISO14001:2015 ”
Certification through JQA.
Registration No. JQA-EM6829