Environmental Report

Environmental Management System

We operate an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 certification.In our various business activities including product development design manufacturing and sales. we do our utmost to prevent atmospheric, water and noise pollution,conserve energy,reduce waste and develop/manufacture products with low environmental impacts.

Acquisition status of certification

Environmental management organizaition

The president has final responsibility for environmental management and an Environmental management Officer and Environmental Management divisions oversea all of the environmental management activities An Environmental Committee meets monthly to promise the achievement of environmental objectives and targets.


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ISO 14001 certification status

In 2000, we received the ISO 14001 international certification for environmental management systems We currently implement a unified system for the design. development,manufacuring and sales of tantalum capacitors, film capacitors and fuses for circuit protection components.


Fundamental Environment Policy

  1. We consider to the influences that give environments with all aspects of the operations and intend to protect the global and regional environments.
  2. We incorporate the environmental management activities into the frame of the organization activity and intend to maintain and develop it for long-term.
  3. Our environmental objective/target are precise for social demands.
  4. Our enviromnetal improvement process and results are strategic.
  5. We intend to reduce the influences that affect the environments in all processes of development,design,prduction,sale,and ditribution of our products.
  6. We realize our compliance throughly.


Environmenal Action Guidelines

  1. We establish and implement an environmental management system to promote environmental management activities actively efficiently and continually.
  2. We intend to reduce environment impacts in each activity of development design production and sale of our products.
  3. We provide and implement environmental objectives/environment targets and intend to strive for continual improvement by performing reviews systematically and periodically.
  4. We comply with government laws,local regurations,and other requirements which we agreed and commit to improve the environmental control level.
  5. We intend to prevent air pollution,water pollution,soil contamination and noise.
  6. We intend to do saving energy and reductions of wastes.
  7. We control chemical substances properly and promote substitution and reduction of chemical hazards.
  8. We intend to improve understanding of all employees for our environmental policy environmental objectives and environmental targets and to improve their awareness of the environment through environmental educations and internal communication activities.
  9. We disclose where necessary to internal and external interested parties for our environmental policy and implement conditions of environmental management and information related to the environment.


Risk Management

We identify facilities and equipment that pose environmental risks, and manage those risks based on self-imposed management standards.
We also conduct fire,earthquake and equipment malfunction drills and audits.


Emergency response training

We identify equipment that poses environmental risks and conduct drills that envisage environmental emergencies caused by malfunctions etc.


Environmental auditing

We conduct environmental audits to check that our environmental management system is being appropriately implemented.

Internal auditing
Internal environmental audits are conducted once a year by our own qualified auditors to check on EMS development status and appropriate implementation of environmental management acctivities at all sites.Immediate steps are taken to remedy any issues discovered through these audits.

Third party auditing
We undergo ISO 14001 renewal audits conducted by a third party and obtain approval for continued ISO certification.


CSR Activities

Corporate governance,corporate ethics,legal compliance and fair business practices.

We have assigned a Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Risk Officer, established an internal auditing office and sections devoted to environment control and disaster prevention safety within each location and continue to carry out compliance and risk control.


Occupational safety and health

With the target of zero workplace injury incidents,we are actively conducting efforts such as the holding of Safety and Health Committee sessions and the implementation of safety education.


Human rights activities

Based on fundamental human right principles we are working throuth various organization involved in human rights issues and are implementing activities aimed at raising awareness of human rights issues among our employees.